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Your reliable partner in recruitment

advertising and a range of services to attract candidates

Poslovi Infostud

Largest domestic employment platform

Your main option for job advertisement, with largest number of candidates of all profiles and levels of education. Post a job ad, promote yourself on social media through our channels, and introduce your company to your target audience.
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Largest domestic IT employment platform and main IT community gathering hub

A platform dedicated to the domestic IT community with most visits, most registered users, and a largest number of job advertisements. A rich database of company profiles and reviews left by former and current employees about their work in those companies.
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Website dedicated to career development of young people

Connecting employers with young people who are looking for their first job. The right place to look for information on current scholarship and study programs, as well as career and training opportunities.
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HR Lab

Largest domestic platform for employers

We offer a wide range of services for job advertisements, recruitment and selection, as well as employer branding. HR Lab Assistant is a unique tool for tracking, reviewing, and selection of candidates provided with all advertisement options.
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Employer Branding

Branding that delivers results

Combining a wide range of services in order to build a positive company reputation in the labor market. it offers a set of individual services, support during the branding process, and employer branding partnership. Present the values of your company on largest domestic employment platforms.
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COMBO advertising

Your IT ad on and

Utilize the power of two largest domestic employment websites to advertise IT positions and find the ideal candidate. COMBO ads offer maximum effects for resources invested in advertising IT positions!
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Everything about your company on our websites

More than 70% of candidates check out the company profile before applying for a job. Therefore, companies with active profiles create a stronger connection with candidates, and in the long run build and maintain an image of themselves as a desirable place to work at.
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The power of the Poslovi Infostud ecosystem

Use the full potential of our sites so that the message about you as an employer always reaches exactly the target group you need!

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The largest domestic employment site in Serbia



IT employment site and the main gathering place of the Serbian IT community




A site intended for the career development of young people



HR Lab

The leading platform for employers in Serbia



Employer branding studio

Branding with results

Solutions for researching and improving your employer brand. Introduce your company and attract talents to work with you. Let's prepare a perfect brand solution for your company, together.