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Candidate selection process evaluation

Together to the perfect candidate selection

Since 2008, Poslovi Infostud job board has been asking candidates to evaluate their "path to work" in the companies whose ads they have applied for. All candidates receive simple and short questionnaire, in which they give their assessments of the selection process for the desired job.


What does the employer get?

We launched the project " Candidate selection process evaluation " with an aim to raise the general quality of the selection process in Serbia. Candidate grades shown in the annualr report are a valuable suggestion, which you can use to improve your selection process.

What do the candidates evaluate?

▪ Company’s approach when scheduling tests/interviews
▪ Obtaining information from company representatives about the job for which they applied for
▪ The efficiency of the selection process
▪ The way of informing the candidate about the outcome of the competition

What happens to the results?

The three best-rated employers in each of the three categories: general, IT companies, and HR agencies, are published on the website and The best-rated companies receive recognition, which is a confirmation of continuous quality in the process of selecting job candidates.

Who participates in the project?

The project automatically involves all employers who receive applications for ads through the system of the Poslovi Infostud website, ie through the HR Lab platform. Companies that receive applications via external application tracking systems, email, or companies for whom we do not collect enough candidate evaluations, we won't be able to generate a final report.

Companies with the best-rated selection process in 2023.

general companies

Kodar Energomontaža d.o.o.
1. place

Kodar Energomontaža d.o.o.

Pharmas d.o.o.
2. place

Pharmas d.o.o.

Mona Fashion d.o.o.
3. place

Mona Fashion d.o.o.

company category

selection year