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Your key to effective Employer Branding:
Blog Article

Well-crafted narratives serve as the fundamental tool for successful employer branding. Our team of experts will enable you to effectively showcase your company as a desirable workplace and ensure that this message reaches its intended audience seamlessly.

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Employee stories offer an authentic insight into the organization's culture and values.


Well-told stories help foster personal connections and emotional bonds with the company.


Success stories inspire candidates to consider a career with your company.

Leverage the Strength of Infostud.

Unlock the potential of the largest domestic hub for recruitment, selection, and employer branding solutions! We can publish your content on one or more of our websites, tailored to the specific requirements of your employer branding campaign and the target audience you wish to reach.

The largest and leading employment website in Serbia

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The largest database of IT jobs and information about employers in Serbia


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Here's how the best do it

We've delivered results for a wide range of employers. Take a look at some of the top success stories. Depending on your target audience (general, specific, IT, young professionals, etc.), we determine which of our websites is the perfect fit for your story.

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BLOG article for ZF Serbia

Seamless Harmony: Work and Motherhood Perfectly United at ZF Serbia

ZF Serbia Company showcases the return to work after maternity leave and how the company makes it easier for all moms. This article is published on the website, tailored to our intended audience.

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of candidates, when seeking information about employers, place the highest trust in those already employed by the company


Describe everything you're good at - leave nothing assumed!

Through text and visuals, showcase your company, describe key positions, announce upcoming events, share best practices, benefits, technologies, and career advancement opportunities. Candidates want to get to know your company's culture and values, experience the atmosphere, team spirit, and learn more about the experiences of your employees.

This is how we do it

The entire process of creating and promoting content is tailored to your needs and available resources. Our expert teams are always by your side in every phase and ready to tackle any challenge.



We kickstart the process with a discussion about your goals and requirements. Based on this, we align on the topic, target audience, ideal publication channel, participants, and the timeline of activities.


Creating the article

Our expert editorial team, based on conversations or submitted materials, creates a text that best contributes to the set goal and is optimized for search engines. Before publication, the text undergoes your authorization.



Our digital advertising experts create and optimize posts on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram to ensure that the message reaches the desired target audience.



Throughout the campaign, we continuously optimize social media posts to consistently achieve the guaranteed number of text reads. After the campaign concludes, you will receive a detailed report.

Pricing List

Publish your blog post on one of our websites,
and we guarantee results.
Blog article 1000
  • We guarantee 1,000 article reads
Blog article 2000
  • We guarantee 2,000 article reads
Blog article 3000
  • We guarantee 3,000 article reads

* Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to use this service?

When you want to share your company's story, convey personal narratives and experiences of colleagues and employees in an authentic and relatable manner. If you have news to share with candidates about your company (opening a new facility, securing a new investment, introducing new benefits for your employees, organizing engaging and useful training and/or trips for your employees, etc.). When you lack internal resources or time within the company, yet you're keen on sharing your story effectively. When you aim to consistently and strategically enhance your desirability and reputation.

What topics are most interesting to candidates?

Candidates find value in reading articles that hold significance for them, allowing them to relate to the story and envision what it's truly like to work in a specific company. Hence, we generally recommend topics such as company benefits, stories about advancements within the organization, experiences with intriguing and unconventional projects and positions, insights into a typical workday at the company, etc.

I have a specific request; which option should I choose?

If it seems that none of the options align with your needs, we are here for you. Together, we'll tailor a solution to your exact requirements. Feel free to contact us! 😊

Have any questions?

We're here to assist you! Contact us or give us a call at
+381 24/41-55-615


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