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Project TALENT X is the largest domestic survey of employer brand perception in Serbia. The research is conducted through an online survey based on a unique methodology through which we find out who are the most attractive employers in Serbia, how they are perceived by the public and what sets them apart from other employers. The most attractive employers will take the title of the “VRH poslodavac” and the companies participating in the research will find out how they are perceived by candidates in the market.

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“VRH poslodavac” recognition

“VRH poslodavac” is a recognition carried by a company that, according to the votes of the majority of candidates, is perceived as an ideal, or at least a very desirable employer. This prestigious title of the “VRH poslodavac” can be carried by the 20 most attractive employers on the market, or 10 from the IT industry. Companies chosen by the candidates carry this title for a period of 18 months, until the next cycle of the research.

Group photo with the winners 2023"VRH IT poslodavac" winners in 2023.

"VRH IT poslodavac" winners in 2023.

Group photo with the winners 2022"VRH poslodavac" winners in 2022.

"VRH poslodavac" winners in 2022.

Group photo with the winners 2021"VRH poslodavac" winners in 2021.

"VRH poslodavac" winners in 2021.

Group photo with the winners 2020"VRH poslodavac" winners in 2020.

"VRH poslodavac" winners in 2020.


The methodology is based on the theory that the experience that a company creates in public or with its employees is formed based on 6 attributes of attractiveness:

employee experience in the companyculture within the companyleadership behaviorjob qualitiescareer opportunitiescompensation and benefits


If you want to find out how you are perceived as a company by the public, how your employees, and how the management sees the company itself, we invite you to contact us. You can conduct internal research when it suits you, while a public survey is conducted every 18 months, in a fixed schedule.

1registration of companies for the research2data collection3announcement of the featured employers4distribution of reports5workshop for successful usage of the collected information


Based on the research results, there are several report opportunities:

TALENT X Exclusive

a special report made just for the participating company. It will tell you how the candidates see your company

TALENT X Ultimate

includes internal (employees and management) and external (candidates) research. It will tell you everything you wanted to know about your employer brand

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