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HR Lab is part of the largest group of HR and recruitment sites in Serbia — Poslovi Infostud

HR Lab is a platform for comprehensive HR solutions for recruitment, selection and talent acquisition. Moreover, we cover a wide range of solutions for employer branding, which help employers in developing the right hiring and investment policies and enables them to build successful teams.

We offer a modern Application Tracking System (ATS) — HR Lab Assistant — that accelerates your recruitment process. It saves time and money in recruiting and hiring the best candidates.

about.hrLabAssistant.imageAll your applications in one place

View the applications for each position, as well as all at once.


Move applicants between selection circles.


Send a call to interview, a thank-you note, or a rejection letter.

Advancing the Serbian HR community

We empower our local community of HR professionals through the content that we create on our HR blog. Our and visiting experts share their knowledge of the latest trends in recruiting and selection, attracting talent, employer branding, market analysis, digitization of HR and other HR trends.

We share with our readers our years of experience and expertise. Also, we share content on HR strategies and practices of the best Serbian and international employers.

Our mission is to provide tools and skills for employers and to be their active partner in their employer branding and HR processes.

The HR Experience conference

A group of employment websites

Poslovi Infostud is the largest group of employment sites in Serbia aimed at employers and job seekers. The mission of the group is to raise the level of employment in Serbia, to influence the expansion of employment opportunities of people in our country and to support employers in improving the HR process and creating successful teams.

Since 2003, has played an important role in Serbia’s job market demand and supply. We encourage people to prepare for the right job and connect them effectively with employers seeking workers. In addition to the parent site ( and, we've developed three specialized niche sites.

about.sites.1.titlethe leading employment site in Serbia
about.sites.2.titleemployer portal
about.sites.3.titlefor IT professionals
about.sites.4.titlesite for youth career development

An international network of employment sites

Poslovi Infostud is part of the ALMA Career Group, which includes employment sites in 12 European countries. ALMA Career is part of the World Network of Websites.

It is also a member of the international networks of the most visited employment sites in the world: IAEWS and Network, which has a reach of over 100 million job seekers in more than 130 countries.