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Stand out in the job market with your company profile.

The first impression that candidates get of you as an employer is through your company profile. Thorough and frequent profile updates provide an opportunity for candidates to get to know you better and perceive you as a desirable workplace.

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Employer branding tool

Profile is one of the tools within our Employer Branding offer, present your benefits and employee care to candidates that visit your profile.

Candidates browse profiles

Before applying for a job ad, 75% of candidates review the company profile to gather more information.

Form connections with candidates

Enable candidates to experience your company's culture, atmosphere, and learn about your employee's experiences.

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Highlights your brand strengths


Any awards or distinctions contribute to standing out compared to other companies in the same industry, as well as being recognized by candidates as an employer who cares about their applicants, as well as their employees.


Company benefits are a clear indicator of your strength and are often a key factor for candidates in choosing an employer. A clear list of everything you offer besides the salary will set you apart from competitive companies.

Company brands

Highlight the stability and strength of your company, and present all the brands operating within your structure.

News and blog

Through text and photos, present your company, describe key positions, announce events, share best practices, benefits, technologies, and career development opportunities. Candidates want to get to know the culture and values of the company, feel the atmosphere, team spirit, and learn more about the experiences of your employees.

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Builds your relationship with candidates

Job ads

All your active job ads are listed in this section, providing candidates with a clear overview of open positions they can apply for.

Employee experiences

Candidates trust the most to those who already work in the company. Your employees can share their stories in form of text, photos, or even videos, attracting new talents.

Selection process

By clearly describing the selection process in your company, you help candidates prepare better, feel more relaxed, and provide your recruiters with a faster way to find new colleagues.


In the dynamic report of your company's Profile, in your HR Lab ATS account, you have an insight into what is most important to candidates at any time, as well as information about the status of your Profile.

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Profiles with complete information and frequent updates have 30% more monthly views


A step ahead of the competition

A filled out profile gives you an advantage over companies that lack sufficient information important to candidates. By thoroughly and promptly completing the profile, you enable candidates to get closer to you, understand you better, and perceive you as a desirable employer. This makes their decision to apply to your job ads easier and quicker.

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Profile examples

Check out some examples of companies that utilize the full potential of their profiles and provide candidates with important and up-to-date information

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Nestle Adriatic start profile on poslovi infostud

Employees convey the career path to candidates

Through the experiences of their employees, they showcase specific positions to future candidates, as well as advancement opportunities within their company.

Profile on reaches active and inactive candidates of various professions, qualifications, and seniorities.

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Present your company on the most visited job boards and increase your chances of reaching the best candidates

profile on poslovi.infostud and

  • Logo
  • Active job ads
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profile on poslovi.infostud

  • Candidates can follow you
  • Cover photo
  • Active job ads
  • Employee experiences
  • Benefits list and descriptions
  • Selection process description
  • Photos in applicable sections
  • Content management made easy
  • Logo in “Jobs via Email”
  • Report of visiting company profile
  • Candidates can follow you
  • Cover photo
  • Active job ads
  • Employee experiences
  • Benefits list and descriptions
  • Selection process description
  • Photos in applicable sections
  • Content management made easy
  • Logo in “Jobs via Email”
  • Highlighted in Profile Search
  • Promotion on Facebook
  • Promotion on Instagram
  • Blog and announcements
  • Videos in applicable sections
  • Company brands
  • Report of visiting company profile

profile on poslovi.infostud and

By combining premium profiles for IT candidates and candidates in the General Industry, you not only achieve the best results in recruitment but also enjoy a special discount.

Address different candidate groups in a customized manner, personalize your messages and information to capture attention and ensure the engagement of the most qualified talents.

* Prices are excluding VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to stand out when presenting your company to candidates?

The basic need arising from the strategic approach to Employer Branding is attracting and retaining quality employees. Every experienced employer or HR professional knows how expensive it is to replace an employee. That is why continuous investment and consistent work on the company's culture, as well as active presence among candidates, are necessary. This way, when candidates are looking for a job change, they will look up your company.
Studies indicate that employment trends have led quality employees to consider changing companies or positions every 3-5 years. Few will work for one company until retirement, as it once was. With more options available than ever, you have to invest more as an employer to attract candidate's attention.

How can I become more visible on your websites?

Depending on your activities, target groups, required time for exposure, and similar factors, you have a set of services available that you can use individually or in combination.
To ensure we are with your company throughout the branding process, we utilize all Infostud websites:<>
  • - most visited domestic job board, catering to people of all ages and educational profiles
  • - most visited domestic job board for IT professionals, catering to profiles ranging from juniors to seniors
  • - a site for career development for youth aging from 16-24 years old
  • - Infostud center for recruitment, candidate selection, and employer branding
In addition to our websites, we leverage the power of all our other digital channels to provide better visibility for your brand. This primarily includes the most popular social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Simultaneously, all these channels offer you access to the most popular digital formats (images, text, video, banners) to best showcase why your company is the desirable place to work.

How can I track the success of my profile?

Every 6 months, you will receive a complete report of your Profile, showing you what was most useful/interesting to candidates and areas for improvement.

How do I fill the profile and with what content?

Strive to be open and keep the profile updated with the latest information. If you require advice or assistance, our Employer Branding team is always available. Together, we'll find inspiration and stories that will best present your Profile to candidates in the market.

How can my profile be more visible?

In addition to your profile appearing on the most visited job boards in Serbia, we also provide you with additional promotion of the Premium Profile twice a year on Infostud channels. This way, even when you don't have active job ads, your profile is presented to the candidates on the market.

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