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Company profile

Introduce your company to the candidates on the most visited job boards and increase your chances of reaching the best possible candidates.

Why a company profile?

Companies with an active profile create a stronger connection with candidates and, in the long run, they develop and maintain an image of a desirable workplace


Over 75% of candidates view a company profile before applying for a job which influences their decision to apply.

Relationship with candidates

Candidates like to feel the culture and atmosphere of a company and learn about the experiences of your employees.

Employer branding

The profile is one of the tools and ways to improve your employer branding, as well as presentation of benefits and employee care.

Enriched content

You manage and enrich your profile with content, photos and videos in order to present it as vividly as possible.

Promotions on social networks

We promote the content of the profile on Facebook and Instagram, while setting the audience as your target group.

Many companies already use Profiles

More than 200 employers successfully use the company profile for better presentation and branding.

Profile examples

Companies that have enriched their profile in the right way with content and used its full potential

profile exampleprofile exampleprofile example
profile exampleprofile example
profile example
profile example

Profile offer

A profile on the job board enables the widest possible reach of active and inactive candidates of various professions and qualifications. A profile on the website allows you to get closer to active and inactive IT candidates and experts of all ranks.


Company profile on the largest job board in Serbia
Company profile on the leading IT job board and the main gathering place of the Serbian IT community
You achieve the best effects when you introduce yourself to candidates on both websites and get additional branding effect.

What do our customers say?

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Uroš Gostović

Marketing Manager

“Thanks to the Premium profile, we have the opportunity to present ourselves in a personalized way to candidates who are interested in becoming a part of Vega IT. Through a variety of sections within the profile, we managed to bring our company culture closer to public, present our colleagues, along with all current job advertisements. In such a way, we have heightened the visibility of our company in the IT community and brought a great number of relevant job applications.”

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testimonial author image

Sunčica Ilić

Employer Branding Expert

“When you participate in a match like the one currently happening on the Serbian IT market, every opportunity to communicate and bring the company closer to the candidates is precious. HelloWorld is such a communication channel, which is structured, clear, rich in information, and a good place to interact with the candidates. The professional and efficient team behind the platform is always there to help with profile changes, as well as make improvement suggestions. I would especially emphasize the option of cooperation with the team in charge of the Blog section on the platform. Creating interesting and useful stories, as well as promoting them in adequate target groups, is a great way to spread the story of your brand.”

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