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How to write a good job description?

In order to attract the right candidates, provide job seekers with all the relevant information in your job ad. In your job description add the following:

  • Present your company to candidates
  • Describe your company by providing basic information about the company.
  • Specify the terms and conditions of the job position

Candidate requirements should be detailed. As with the entire ad, you also have unlimited text available here. This leaves you with the opportunity to write down all the requirements and qualifications that candidates need to meet. Example:

  • High school degree
  •  leadership experience in a position in the store
  • knowledge of key processes in retail
  • English is an advantage
  • high level of motivation and engagement
  • expressed communication skills
  • willingness to take responsibility
  • basic knowledge of MS Office

The job description talks about what the candidates will do. This is an ideal way to show candidates what their working day will look like and what the candidate will be in charge of. Example:

  • leading a team of employees
  • employee time planning
  • organization of the store
  • presentation of goods, assortment analysis
  • sales planning and analysis
  • optimizing the profitability of the sales floor
  • You state what benefits you offer your employees

Describe the benefits you give your employees or highlight something that differentiates you from other companies. This part of the ad is intended for all that you offer your employees. Example:

  • training for employees
  • socializing for employees
  • more days of vacation
  • paid additional activities, training
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