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Welcome to the largest IT community which connects employers with the best IT candidates on the market since 2015!


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Post your job ad now

A job ad is still the simplest and fastest way to reach the right IT candidates! Depending on your needs, we offer you a wide array of job advertising solutions.

A post

When you want your job ad to be seen by the HW audience only! Free of charge until 1 June 2021!

Simultaneous post on i

Use the power of the two largest websites for IT candidates in Serbia and achieve the maximum effect! The price of each advertisement includes HR Lab Assistant, digital tool for the simple maintenance of selection process.

Promote your job ad on social media

We offer you the possibility of additional promotion of job ads through the currently most powerful social networks, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We expand the circle of people who see your advertisement, using the available options of advance and precise targeting of candidates who are more suitable to the conditions of the advertisement, even if they are not actively looking for a job.

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Facebook promotion

3-dayPrice50 EUR

Facebook promotion

7-dayPrice105 EUR

Facebook promotion

10-dayPrice205 EUR

Explore the largest database of IT candidates - altTab

AltTab is the first and largest platform of this kind on the Serbian IT market which offers you the possibility to see how compatible you are with the candidates in our database, and to select those with whom you make a perfect match. At this moment, we have more than 2,700 candidates in the database, of different seniority, who work in the most important technologies.

The most prominent technologies in the altTab database


Stand out with a premium company profile

Taking into account the current situation on the IT market, the best companies have to communicate to their target group on daily basis, in order to become or remain attractive employers and keep the pace in the market run for talents. We offer you the possibility to create your own, personalized corner at the largest Serbian IT website, so that candidates can have the latest and most important information about you.

70% candidates research the profile of the employer before applying!

Tell your own authentic story!

Present your company as a desirable place to work!

Stand out among the competition!


129.000RSD + VAT
116.000RSD + VAT

Promotion until 1 June 2021 (for a 12-month subscription)

Employer branding

Employer branding is a developmental strategy which influences both employees and the market success of the company, so that planning and branding of employment process today brings quality in the future. Apart from the premium employer profile, we offer you a set of different research and services for you to create positive reputation at the employment market and to gain and retain the best candidates.

Make your company stand out on the largest Serbian IT platform

Employer brand research

Promotion of content on social media

Multimedia employer branding: text, photo and video

Event organization for IT candidates

The power of the Poslovi Infostud ecosystem

Use the entire potential of the largest group of employment and HR websites in Serbia – Poslovi Infostud. Let the message about your company as an employer always reach the target group you need!

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