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Job advertising

The best way to attract new people to your team. Utilize full potential of the largest domestic employment platform and HR - Poslovi Infostud. Have your job ad reach the exact target group that you require, because with us an ad isn't just an ad, it's a well rounded service.

HR Lab Assistant

A tool for tracking all job ads and applications in order to facilitate the process of recruitment and selection of candidates

Personal sales advisor support

Sales advisor customer support available from 8am to 5pm

Job ads consultations

Assistance in creating job ads in order to attract as many suitable candidates as possible

Jobs by e-mail

Informing candidates about your ad via newsletter

Company profile

With a job ad you also receive a free basic company profile, so your candidates can get to know you better

Ads on partner websites

We expand our reach by posting your ad on partner websites

Job ad types

Find an ad that best suits your needs.
Your ad on the largest domestic employment website
Hello WorldYour ad on the largest domestic IT employment website and main domestic IT gathering hub
Your ad on both websites, providing maximum effect for IT job ad